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Occasionally the farmer gets a break from the farming. Winter provides the most breaks, even with calving and late-harvested soybeans, and Brad did manage to finish our new bookshelf-slash-entertainment center for the living room. It took three men to bring it into the house, and could have taken four:

It is just over seven feet tall and six feet two inches wide, with shelves for even our tallest books, and compartments designed exactly for the television and the stereo and speakers we are still saving for. Brad built it from barn wood salvaged from his old mill shed that a tornado knocked down a couple of years ago. He trimmed out all the front edges so all the surfaces would be the same rough-cut wood. I was terrified throughout the process of getting it into the house, filling it with all it could hold, backing it up to the wall… waiting for a child to climb its front like a ladder, waiting for it to topple over somehow and crush someone or even just something. It did not; they did not. It does not quite hold all our books, but it comes close, and it is just what I wanted it to be: a job very well done.

Postscript: while I am giving these kudos to Brad, add more for the oak floor you can see in the photo. He installed that too, before we moved in.



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