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Over fifty calves have been born now. Yesterday brought another loss, this time a new calf born the previous night that stumbled into a water-filled ditch and drowned. Losing one because of some birthing complication didn’t bother me, but this one left me sad and angry. After a successful birth it just seemed pointless, unfair. Today we had just one new calf and found another with half its tail chewed off by something. It was fine otherwise, which leaves us a bit baffled; if it was a coyote, how is the calf still alive? Did the mother attack the coyote? Is it possible the calf chewed it off, perhaps after injuring it somehow, or getting it caught in something? Implausible, if not impossible. But the coyote story is no better. How could the calf lose half its tail without getting dragged off and eaten?

The kids needed no encouragement to get outside this afternoon, with another day of springlike temperatures and the cacophony of frogs in the lowlands. It was harder to get them back in, even with hands and feet bright pink from the temperature dropping as the sun edged away from us in the west. Iris insisted on a picnic outside, so we brought out an old afghan crocheted by Brad’s grandmother to hold us and the coconut macaroons she and I made earlier today (simplest sweet ever: just coconut, honey, and a couple of egg whites). All three chased each other around and around the house, squirting each other with spray bottles of water and pretending the dog was a coyote that was going to get them. Later they transformed into bark-smashing robots, pulling chunks of bark off of logs around the fire pit and smashing the bark with rocks Brad brought up from the river. Fading light and the lure of dinner brought us all in, with the contrast in temperature making the kids finally realize they were wet and cold. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll find the time to work on my garden plans some more.


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